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Why Channelpilot

ChannelPilot is a cloud-based multichannel solution for online shops, agencies and brands:

Connect – ChannelPilot uses complete, pre-configured interfaces to automatically place your products on thousands of marketing channels worldwide, including on marketplaces, Google Shopping, social media, comparison shopping engines, retargeting platforms, affiliate networks, 3rd party solutions such as Adobe Marketing Cloud or Marin Software.

Optimise – ChannelPilot provides comprehensive performance analysis and wide-ranging opportunities for optimisation. Market price analysis enables close monitoring of competitors or resellers. Using dynamic pricing, your own prices can be optimally adapted in line with the results of the market price analysis. ChannelPilot provides excellent data quality in the process. Thanks to product data optimisation, your products will be optimally listed.

Gain – Experience increased sales as well as a more profitable listing of your products. You enjoy a greater margin even for price-sensitive products. Save time, money and minimise your risk when entering into new markets. Informative projections also enable planning security and decision-making reliability.

Innovation – ChannelPilot is constantly evolving. Our innovations arise through knowledge gained from our solution, continuous market observation, agile processes and swift action. ChannelPilot adapts to the constantly changing e-commerce environment, so that you are always one step ahead of your competition.

Easy to use – With ChannelPilot, you use one user interface for all sales channels. The singular comparability of each individual channel is thereby secured. Performance analysis and optimisation are also carried out in one single tool. In addition, there are no irritating repeated log-ins. With the Channel Pilot Wizard you can create complex formulas with ease. The professional interface also provides a virtually unlimited number of possibilities for formula generation. Our multilingual support team is of course always just a phone call away and ready to help.


E-Commerce in times Corona

The Corona pandemic is currently dominating everyday life across the entire world and of course also affecting online retail. The behaviour of consumers is changing strongly right now, with further medium- but also long-term effects to be expected. But what exactly is changing and how can online retailers react to it?

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Panel Discussion @ E-Commerce Cordoba

Our E-Commerce expert, José Antonio Jiménez Bisbe, will participate in a panel discussion about the current situation of the Spanish E-Commerce market along with Francisco Castejon from Piensoymascotas, Alejandro Ferrari from Oney and Javier Pardo from Amarillolimon. The discussion will take place at the Foro de Comercio Electrónico in Cordoba in the Salón de Actos del Rectorado de la Universidad de Córdoba on the 12th of March at 12.30 pm. Don’t miss it.

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Channel Pilot goes E-commerce Berlin Expo

Hello German capital! See you on 13.2. at the E-commerce Berlin Expo? At our booth C2.2 you can let our experts show you our great tool live and at 11:50 a.m. on stage A listen to our CEO Ralf Priemer, who will reveal the possibilities of increasing ROI through product data optimization and dynamic pricing. The E-commerce Berlin Expo takes place on Thursday, February 13th at STATION Berlin. We look forward to seeing you!


ChannelPilot best Marketplace Platform

Channel Pilot Solutions GmbH prevailed over the competition at the eAwards Gala on October 29th and 30th in Madrid and was named the best technology for marketplaces. 

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Channel Pilot Expert at eShow Madrid

Our ecommerce and marketplace specialist José Antonio Jiménez Bisbe will share his experience in a panel discussion about entrepreneurship and intra-entrepreneurship in the industry at eShow Madrid, October 30th.

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Fourfold growth in Google Shopping

The Sports Edit has seen a fourfold increase in revenue from Google Shopping after implementing new technology to drive growth.

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Product data optimisation Facebook & Instagram

Our latest whitepaper brings the social networking sites, Facebook and Instagram into focus. We will give you some practical tips & tricks on how to optimize your product data on these two site.

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Product data optimisation for Google

Based on your raw data, the product data of a shop must be prepared and optimised on Google in two different ways. First of all, it must meet Google’s requirements. Secondly, it must be prepared in such a way that it achieves the greatest possible reach. In this document, we will show you which specifications are available at Google and the best way to prepare your product data so as to be seen by as many potential customers as possible.

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Product data optimisation for Amazon

In our whitepaper, we want to show you what you need to keep in mind in terms of preparation for perfecting your product data for Amazon and share with you many useful and practical tips & tricks. Download now our whitepaper for free!

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Channel Pilot Solutions at events in 2019

This year we are thrilled to present ChannelPilot at several trade shows and events across Europe. Meet us in a variety of cities and get to know the team personally. Discover the events that we are participating in our blog post!

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Best Practice 2: Filter rules based on size

In the second part of our blog series we will be discussing a filter rule within ChannelPilot that is based on product sizes and how to avoid generating unnecessary click costs from price comparison sites such as Google Shopping or Facebook Dynamic Ads. This is particularly suitable for brands and online websites in the fashion industry, especially for those companies that often have fewer clothing items or shoe sizes in stock.

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Best Practice 1: product title optimisation

In this best practice it's all about the tips and tricks of how to set up a shop in ChannelPilot and to make sure you will get the most out of the functionalities within our solution. If you are not yet a ChannelPilot user, this blogpost can give you an idea of the different possibilities when using ChannelPilot. 

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Part 2: More insights on the control modules

In the first part of the control module blogpost, we showed you how to easily optimise your performance on CPC-based channels. In this article we will show you how to save this configuration as a control module to automate the optimisation. 

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Part 1: Tips and tricks for the control modules

Many of our customers do not yet use our control centre, which brings considerable advantages and can reduce costs. We will show you the tips and tricks about how to use this feature in this article.

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Channel Pilot Solutions acquired by Oxatis

The publicly traded French Software as a Service (SaaS) company Oxatis is taking over Channel Pilot Solutions GmbH, with its product data management tool, to further extend its technological lead and accelerate growth in Europe.

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Channel Pilot at DMEXCO 2018 RECAP

This year, DMEXCO 2018 attracted more than 41.000 visitors, over 1.000 exhibitors and 550 speakers. Since the beginning of 2009, it has been considered as the central meeting place for all important decision-makers from the digital economy, marketing and innovation. For Channel Pilot it was two days full of meetings, exciting news and great events.

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Channel Pilot Joins Salesforce Partner Program

Channel Pilot Solutions today announced that it has joined the Salesforce Partner Program in support of Salesforce Commerce Cloud, the fastest path to unified commerce. Commerce Cloud enables brands to provide personalized experiences for shoppers that span web, mobile, social and in-store.

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Restructured formula preview

In the future, working with formulas in ChannelPilot will be much easier due to our latest update. In this Blogpost you will find out what it’s all about.

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Part 1: Successfully start selling on Amazon

Amazon's established position in the eCommerce world is attracting new businesses every day and for good reason. Fulfilment by Amazon enables you to expand your business by tapping into their extensive customer base.

Sounds attractive, right? Learn how to successfully start selling on Amazon.

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Changes made to eBay’s Best Match Algorithm

eBay has made additional changes to their Best Match sorting algorithm. These changes will be particularly important for the sellers on eBay.

Find out all the information in our news article.

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Channel Pilot at the NOAH Conference 2016

Our co-founder and Managing Director Ralf Priemer spoke at the NOAH Conference 2016 in London. His presentation “Connecting online retailers with over 2,000 sales channels globally” is now available on YouTube. You can watch the video here!


Channel Pilot at the NOAH Conference in London

This year NOAH Conference will take place in London on the 10th and 11th of November. Our managing director and co-founder Ralf Priemer will be one of the guest speakers on the first day. His lecture topic will be “Where will Channel Pilot be in 5 years?”. We look forward to seeing you there at 1.25 pm!

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E-Commerce in Europe: Current trends

Our founder Ralf Priemer is heading to Antwerp on September 27th to attend the eTrade Summit. At 11:50am, he will be giving a speech about ecommerce trends in Europe and identify ways to generate traffic to online shops in different countries.

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Facebook: Dynamic Ads for Retail

Facebook is now extending the power of dynamic ads to bricks-and-mortar retail allowing retailers to display ad which enables customers to see product availbility, pricing and promotions based on shop location.

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Google: New Mobile Advertising Format

Google introduces two new advertising capabilities for apps and for videos: the Universal App Campaigns in which users can promote their apps live. Users can also target their audiences to increase call to action during and after the video advertisements.

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New Google Merchant Center Interface

The Google Merchant Center interface has now been updated. With the update, it provides easier navigation for its users. In addition, the product feeds can be easily activated with real-time diagnostics and automatic currency conversion.

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Country of the month: Netherlands

Would you like to sell your products internationally? Then, you should definitely read our "Country of the Month" article for useful tips on crossborder selling. Our feature country of this month is The Netherlands.

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Country of the month: Spain

We turn our attention to Spain in this month's addition of 'Country of the Month'. We have entailed all the facts and figures that you will need as an online merchant looking for an insight in this extremely profitable market.

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facebook Live for E-commerce

Facebook Live enables you to share a moment instantly with a specific audience. This means that your prospects and / or customers can contact you and you can respond to their comments and read their reactions.

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Country of the month: Italy

We turn our attention to Italy in this month's addition of 'Country of the Month'. We have entailed all the facts and figures that you will need as an online merchant looking for an insight in this extremely profitable market.

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Channel Pilot expand into the US market

We have turned our attention towards establishing a foothold in the US market and have now opened an office in Palo Alto, California. We are providing a completely free product to US retailers under the name, Foxy Feeds.

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Facebook Dynamic Ads Implemented in Instagram

Instagram rolls out Dynamic Product Ads and of course we are ready for that.

Instagram is available as a sales channel in Germany, Great Britain and France.

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Meet with us in person at trade fairs

This year we are again at many fairs in Europe. Meet us in different cities and get to know us personally. If you want to meet us and learn more about our multi-channel tool, then visit us at one of these fairs.

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Our current case study reveals how we helped our longstanding client, significantly reduce the cost and time of their marketing activities through our cloud-based software.

Learn all about the story of our four-year strong partnership with Rubart and in turn see how Channel Pilot could help your business.

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Country of the month: Sweden

We turn our attention to Sweden in this month's addition of 'Country of the Month'. We have entailed all the facts and figures that you will need as an online merchant looking for an insight in this extremely profitable market.  

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Meet Channel Pilot at Nordic eCommerce Summit

We are heading to Stockholm in a few weeks to attend the Nordic eCommerce Summit, the largest eCommerce event in Scandinavia. The event is organised to celebrate the people that are doing extraordinary things for eCommerce in the Nordic countries.
Meet us there on May 18th and May 19th 2016. We look forward to seeing you.


Channel Pilot at Internet Retailing Expo

Find us at the Birmingham Internet Retailing Expo on April 27th and April 28th. We will be there to share tips, best practices, and show off our award-winning multi-channel tool. Alongside enjoying the events, conferences and interviews that are being hosted in the Expo.


New Whitepaper - Facebook Product Ads

Facebook has become one of the most popular and effective distribution channels available to online shops, and as a result, many shops are now using Facebook at the forefront of their Marketing strategy.

Learn more about the Facebook Product Ads on our Whitepaper, including what makes them so effective, and how do they differ from other advertising formats.

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New listing requirements on eBay

As of 2016, sellers who list branded items in new or manufacturer-refurbished condition within select categories are now required to include Product Identifiers in their listings. These identifiers include the item´s brand name, Manufacturer Part Number (MPN), and Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), which are all typically found on the original casing or box.

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Country of the month: France

We are introducing a series of country specific articles about the most updated eCommerce information and useful tips for online merchants. For this month, we would like to show you the first article for this series, which is featuring France.

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New Shopping category added to Apple App Store

With the holiday shopping season fast approaching Apple will categorize all its e-commerce apps within the App Store to assist users in finding apps more easily.
iPhone and iPad users will now benefit from a shopping category within the list of app-categories in the App Store. With this recent release, apps will now be classified in 25 different categories.

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Meet with us at trade fairs across Europe

2015 has been very eventful for ChannelPilot. We will be represented at many trade fairs across Europe. Meet with us in person in Paris, Cologne, London or Madrid. Please click below for the details and times of the events.

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10 tips for the best product ads on Facebook

Facebook product ads are the latest medium for companies that want to advertise their products on social platforms. Unlike conventional link- and like ads, Facebook product ads let you advertise multiple products or even entire product catalogues on all devices.

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Last cookie always wins? Not with Channel Pilot

Nowadays, there are additional benefits of Channel Pilot Solutions online marketing tools for customers. The ChannelPilot software is able to evaluate cross-selling effects at product level and include them in the product modulation.

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Channel Pilot Will be at Londons E-commerce Expo

In just a couple of weeks, the e-commerce software provider Channel Pilot Solutions will be heading to the eCommerce Expo at London Olympia. From September 30th to October 1st 2015, the world-renowned exhibition space will be hosting hundreds of e-commerce stands, conferences, and events. Channel Pilot Solutions will be present at the eCommerce Expo to share tips, best practices, and suggestions for selling on marketplaces and digital marketing channels.

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Amazon stops product ads

From October 31, 2015 online retailers can no longer publish their product ads linked to their web stores. Product ads were popular among e-commerce brands because the format allowed them to partner with Amazon. Ad sellers like Google were able to use the ads to get information about Amazon's users as Amazon did not have access to their customer’s transaction data. This enabled Google to optimize ad targeting on their own platforms.

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Snapchat: E-commerce boost with an assist from influencers

Are you using Snapchat yet? If not you’ve probably heard of it. At its core, Snapchat is a time-limited photo-sharing app available only on mobile devices. You snap a picture or record a short video and send it to a friend.

What’s new: Snapchat has become a highly effective way for brands and online shop owners to interact with existing customers and acquire new ones. Click-to-buy buttons are popping up on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram feeds; Snapchat is following. E-commerce retailers can use the app to boost sales and brand recognition.

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New addition to the management team

London, 30 June 2015: Ralf Priemer has joined E-commerce provider Channel Pilot as Managing Director with responsibility for international business and the expansion of its seven subsidiaries.

Priemer - who has a degree in business administration and mechanical engineering - was previously a board member of AG (HRS Group).

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Channel Pilot integrates Facebook’s new advertising programme

London, April 2015: Facebook has dominated the social media industry for ten years, but as of 2015 the newly introduced dynamic product ads, push e-commerce to the next level. The product advertising programme could lead to increased revenue for online retailers thanks to its extensive user-data and targeting capabilities.

You can promote multiple products or the entire product catalogue across all the devices your customers use, an important part of multichannel product placement. 

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ChannelPilot debuts in United Kingdom

German start up ChannelPilot, a cloud solution software for professional multi-channel online marketing, debuts in the UK.

Recently awarded Best Internet start-up 2014 by German magazine "Internethandel", the company opened an office in London this month.

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