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Announcing the events that CHANNEL PILOT SOLUTIONS will be attending in 2019

Announcing the events that CHANNEL PILOT SOLUTIONS will be attending in 2019

This year we are thrilled to present ChannelPilot at several trade shows and events across Europe. Meet us in a variety of cities and get to know the team personally. Discover the events that we are participating in our blog post!

Best Practice Part 2 - Filter Rules Based on Size

In the second part of our blog series we are going to talk about a filter rule within ChannelPilot that is based on sizes and with which you can easily save unnecessary click costs from price comparison sites like Google Shopping or Facebook ads. This is particularly suitable for fashion shops and especially for outlets that have few clothing or shoe sizes in stock.

Best Practice Part 1- Product title optimisation

Today we will start with a new series of articles on our blog. We will introduce you to the best practices in our ChannelPilot tool. It's all about the tips and tricks of how to set up a shop in ChannelPilot and to make sure you will get the most out of the functionalities within our tool. If you are not yet a ChannelPilot user, this blogpost can give you an idea of all the possibilities with using ChannelPilot. Okay, enough about all the chitchat - off we go with the first part of the Best Practice serie!


Part 2: Further insights on the control module

Since you already know everything about the control centre, you are now well prepared for the second part of the control modules. Learn step by step how to create control modules and optimize your performance. 

Part 1: Everything you should know about the control modules

Many of our customers do not yet use our control centre, which brings considerable advantages and can reduce costs. Today we show you the tips and tricks about how to use this feature. 



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