Facebook Live for E-commerce

Facebook Live enables you to share a moment instantly with a specific audience. This means that your prospects and / or customers can contact you and you can respond to their comments and read their reactions.

Since the launch of Facebook Live last summer, it is surprising to see how people use Live to interact. Initially used by public figures, Facebook Live is now being used by the masses.

People let their friends and followers discover their hobbies.

Athletes provide the opportunity for others to follow their training.

Chefs open the doors of their kitchen to their fans.

Some merchants even allow customers to track the progress of their orders.

Users around the world use Facebook Live to interact with others.



In groups, Live allows you to broadcast to relevant people within a group and engage over common interests.

Live in the events means that you can participate directly in events without being there, such as enjoying a birthday party despite not being able to physically be present.

Facebook users are 10 times more likely to comment on Live than on classic videos. Facebook's primary objective is to create an environment that enables users that watch the broadcast to get the impression of being "in" the action.



Facebook Live can connect you with your audience. When you’re Live, the video is displayed in your notifications and timeline and, consequently, gets great organic range.

This is very relevant for merchants because it gives them the possibility to create an intimate and authentic connection with their audiences.

The function is pretty easy to use during the broadcast.

The owner of the page can see how many people are connected and can even see the user name.

Interested viewers can subscribe to Live and receive notifications when a future live event is about to commence.

So far, the popular content includes: product reviews, demos, additional content to support the existing content and community mobilization activities.



Facebook Live Maps can also provide you with an overview of what is happening in the world right at the moment.

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