Function of the month: Restructured formula preview

Hamburg - Working with formulas in ChannelPilot will be much easier in the future thanks to our latest update. We would like to explain this by the following example.

In the picture below, we have created a separate data field "Colour". To the right of the input field, you can now see the complete formulas of the tool under "Show all functions". All information, such as a detailed description and a concrete example of the individual functions are displayed as well. After you have found the desired formula, you can simply select and use it by clicking on it.

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Likewise, the Autocomplete preview of each function, after you type the first letter of the formula, is new as well. ChannelPilot shows you all available formulas for this letter in a drop down window. For example, if you type in an ‘r’ as shown in the following screenshot, Channel Pilot will show you all the available formulas for this letter.


ChannelPilot's restructured formula preview example

This counts for the self-defined formula parameters as well, as shown in the following screenshot regarding the parameter "colour".

ChannelPilot's restructured formula preview example

In addition, you will find a usage overview for each data field and filter. The usage overview shows you all the links of the field in the entire system. If you click on such a link, you will directly be taken to the corresponding data field or channel.

ChannelPilot's restructured formula preview example

Furthermore, you can directly create and edit new data fields in the export adjustments of a channel. When you hover the mouse over a data field, two new symbols appear, a plus sign in which a new own data field can be created, and a pen with which an existing data field can be edited. Both of these functions can be used throughout the system.

ChannelPilot's restructured formula preview example

If you have any further questions about the new formula preview and usage overview, feel free to contact us at: support@channelpilot.co.uk

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