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E-Commerce in times of Corona: What online retailers should do now

E-Commerce in times of Corona: What online retailers should do now

The Corona pandemic is currently dominating everyday life across the entire world and of course also affecting online retail. The behaviour of consumers is changing strongly right now, with further medium- but also long-term effects to be expected. But what exactly is changing and how can online retailers react to it?

New listing requirements on eBay

As of 2016, sellers who list branded items in new or manufacturer-refurbished condition within select categories are now required to include Product Identifiers in their listings.

New Shopping Category added to Apple AppStore

With the holiday shopping season fast approaching Apple will categorize all its e-commerce apps within the App Store to assist users in finding apps more easily. iPhone and iPad users will now benefit from a shopping category within the list of app-categories in the App Store. With this recent release, apps will now be classified in 25 different categories.

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Amazon stops Product Ads

From October 31, 2015 online retailers can no longer publish their product ads linked to their web stores. Product ads were popular among e-commerce brands because the format allowed them to partner with Amazon. Ad sellers like Google were able to use the ads to get information about Amazon's users as Amazon did not have access to their customer’s transaction data. This enabled Google to optimize ad targeting on their own platforms.

Snapchat: E-Commerce boost with an assist from influencers

What's new: Snapchat has become a highly effective way for brands and online shop owners to interact with existing customers and acquire new ones. Click-to-buy buttons are popping up on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram feeds; Snapchat is followin. E-commerce retailers can use the app to boost sales and brand recognition.


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