10 Tips for the best Product Ads on Facebook

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It distinguishes between Dynamic Product ads and Carousel Ads, previously known as Multi-Product Ads. The speciality of Carousel Ads is the multiple product display, which allows users to scroll between products. This gives you the opportunity to promote up to 10 images and to connect these to each landing page.

What are the benefits of this ad innovation? Online retailers have the opportunity of addressing a narrowly defined target group. However, it is also possible to extend such a target group. This is made possible by adding users with similar topics. Moreover, this ad form is integrated with the right hand side and newsfeed, and is therefore not considered to be a disruption. Last but not least, this advert form is still more cost effective than other forms.

If you are uncertain about creating the best product ads, just follow our top ten tips. We show you what you have to consider when creating product ads:

  1. Make sure you have well-maintained product feed with all relevant information; product category, product name, article number, deep link, item price
  2. Particularly with the carousel ads, products should be coherent and make you want more
  3. In general, the product presentation of mood images is better than stand alone products
  4. Show products from different perspectives, so the user gets a particularly good impression
  5. Cheerful people who use the product may encourage Facebook users to buy the product
  6. Follow the feedback from your fans and followers. Editorial content, which is well received by users, can serve as a basis for product ads, either in terms of content or tone
  7. A new product line that leads to many interactions and creates a buzz on your Facebook page should definitely be presented as a Facebook ad
  8. It is also worth using related content: Introduce related products to the user
  9. Is a humorous tone better received than a simple list of facts? Pay attention to this in your product ads
  10. Don’t forget to let users know about important facts of your store, history of the company and employees. This creates proximity and trust

When you follow all these recommendations, you should soon expect a higher click rate of 10 %. One last piece of advice is to create your product images in a square format, as well as title and product description with a total of 60 characters. These are important requirements for the product ads. Then, data imports will be fast and simple on Facebook. If you are not sure how to go about it you can use tools such as Channel Pilot. The software supports a simple data import to Facebook, as well as enabling you to conduct campaign analyses and optimisation.

About the author: Ramin Rezai is Country Manager UK at Channel Pilot. He has been offering ecommerce consulting services to clients for many years. Ramin is specialised in Product Data Marketing and Feed Management Services. Meet him in London later this month at e commerce expo at Olympia London.

Email: ramin.rezai@channelpilot.co.uk & http://www.channelpilot.co.uk

About Channel Pilot

Launched three years ago in Hamburg, Germany, the company has experienced extraordinary growth in a short period of time. It has now expanded to over 50 employees worldwide in seven sales offices and also established a new office in London. The e-commerce software offers a market price analysis feature that allows online shop managers to observe the price development of their competition. Furthermore, the dynamic pricing feature enables retailers to adapt their prices depending on market price fluctuations.

Customers using the ChannelPilot Suite experienced on average:

40% more revenue

45% decrease in CPO

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50% more orders on market places

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