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Part 1: Successfully start selling on Amazon

Part 1: Successfully start selling on Amazon

Amazon's established position in the eCommerce world is attracting new businesses every day and for good reason. Fulfilment by Amazon enables you to expand your business by tapping into their extensive customer base. However, Amazon's demanding guidelines that ensure the best customer experience has proven to be a challenge for online retailers. In todays blogpost we look at the first two topics that will help you to successfully start selling on Amazon.

The new eBay’s engine search: Cassini

Recent additional changes have been made to Best Match, eBay’s sorting algorithm that helps determine which listings are placed at the top of search results. This change is particularly important for sellers due to the dramatic effect that the feature can have on a user’s sales.

Have you noticed a difference in the eBay search results?

What affect will this have on your business?

10 Tips for the best Product Ads on Facebook

Facebook product ads are the latest medium for companies that want to advertise their products on social platforms. Unlike conventional link-and-like ads, Facebook Product Ads let you advertise multiple products or even entire product catalogues on all devices.


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