31.03.2015 by Sebastian Lange

ChannelPilot integrates Facebook's new advertising programme

London, April 2015: Facebook has dominated the social media industry for ten years, but as of 2015 the newly introduced dynamic product ads, push e-commerce to the next level. The product advertising programme could lead to increased revenue for online retailers thanks to its extensive user-data and targeting capabilities.

You can promote multiple products or the entire product catalogue across all the devices your customers use, an important part of multichannel product placement.

There is an engaging product image carousel featuring three products within a single ad unit also known as a multi-product ad.

You are able to engage more easily with consumers by creating campaigns targeting certain products to specific audiences, or let Facebook automatically deliver the most relevant products to people. Above all you can reach people who visited your website or app (via Custom Audiences) or reach people based on interests and locations.

Our E-commerce software ChannelPilot suite has the dynamic product ads already integrated. A few clicks and a final click on Upload and integration happens automatically.

 If you still have questions regarding this new feature please contact our Channel Pilot team.

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