27.08.2015 by Sebastian Lange

Last cookie wins: thanks to Channel Pilot, this is now the past

Nowadays, there are additional benefits of Channel Pilot Solutions online marketing tools for customers. The ChannelPilot software is able to evaluate cross-selling effects at product level and include them in the product modulation.

Cross-Sales give an important indication of the effect a product or price comparison site has on the user’s final purchase. Shops with visual categories (such as fashion, furniture, furnishing or decoration) have a specific advantage from the cross selling value, because their products can be better controlled. The products, which are responsible for selling other products and achieve larger shopping baskets, remain listed in the distribution channel despite highly direct costs. Either product would be deleted from the listing without the value of the ChannelPilot tool.

For example, if users click on a highly ranked summer dress they will be led directly to the store. From there customers could get to similar products until a dress is bought. Products with high cost per click and without direct sales, like the summer dress example, are usually deleted from the listing. ChannelPilot takes the cross sales revenues into account, so that the first dress remains listed. The analytical tool can be used to consider the product data marketing of the customer journey, taking into account the profitability of the various marketing channels. ChannelPilot can gather all preparatory channels (so-called assist channels), which contribute to the purchase of a product in a specific channel. “The well-known credo last cookie wins becomes obsolete with our tool”, says Jannik Wegert, Sales manager at Channel Pilot Solutions.

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