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The new eBay’s engine search: Cassini

Spokesman, Johann Hoff recently provided some detail on the changes; "The real key to getting and keeping a good position in Best Match is to focus on sound business practices, delivering great value and service to buyers, and following best practices better than competitors".

Tips from Channel Pilot Solutions:

1. Optimize your titles with relevant keywords

The maximum character count for an eBay title is 80 characters. Be sure to maximize your title with specific and relevant keywords, and avoid using any broader terms.

A seller listing a lawn mower on eBay may be tempted to use broad keywords like ‘Garden, Planting, and Outdoors’ as this is likely to attract more views to their listing. However, this may hurt their buyer engagement as users searching for ‘Garden, Planting, Outdoors’ products are not necessarily looking for lawnmowers.

2. Out of Stock

Using eBay’s ‘Out of Stock Inventory Control’ feature will prevent any risk of losing the sales history of a particular item due to the listings ending once there is no stock remaining.

Once an item is purchased, customers will expect to have their items shipped and received within a short period of time. Failure to meet these expectations may lead to poor SEO and DSR results being incurred.

3. Give value to your ad to remain competitive

 eBay reward users that offer extra value to their ad. We recommend providing additional delivery methods, such as free delivery, express delivery, pick-up local and international shipping, and the 30-day return policy.

4. Maintain good DSR

Cassini reward sellers with good DSR’s and feedback in order to provide incentive for sellers to maintain their DSR at the highest level.

Maintaining your DSRs guarantees you to be amongst the top in the search results (favorite Top Seller status).

How to keep a good DSR !!!

5. Manage your auction

We recommend creating auctions for the popular items that you can list in confidence of making profit. Creating auctions can often increase traffic to your eBay store as they are very well placed in the search results.

6. Attracting traffic to your eBay listings

Using social media platforms and emailing customers is a great strategy to attract more traffic to your store. This will also help businesses in establishing a relationship with users. 

7. Refresh RSS feed 

Turning off your RSS feed once a week for 10 hours or more can reindex your first 100 ads and give you a temporary boost. This process can be applied in the managing my storage settings.

8. Use the eBay catalog 

If you can, use the eBay catalog. It is likely that your product already exists in the eBay catalogue if you are selling a well-known brand. If so, all you have to do is enter the UPC or EAN code of the product and all product data will be automatically filled.

9. SEO in the right category

Placing a listing in the right category is vital to its success. Choose the category based on product behavior and the target buyer.

10. Fill in all the product data fields 

Ensuring all the product data fields are filled out with relevant information will help increase your visibility.

11. Be responsive to messages

Being responsive on eBay will increase your chances of making a sale. Quick replies to customers will help increase your buyer's commitment on the list once they purchase the product and also improve customer loyalty.

12. At each new article, offer the lowest market price

We recommend offering a lower price on new items in the market. This will help you increase the amount of sales you generate, as you will be offering a cheaper price then your competitors. From there, you can adjust your prices according to the market once a sales history has been established.

13. The appropriate records to mobile 

Hire a professional to design a mobile eBay template for your store as this will help build your brand. A good eBay template will increase conversion rates and brand awareness.

14. Use photos "Lifestyle"

Create high-resolution photos that are a minimum of 1600 pixels on the longest side. This will apply a zoom effect that you see on some other eBay listings. It’s no secret that great photos are known to increase conversion rates. We also recommend adding as many pictures as possible; the maximum allowed per listing is 12 pictures.


Cassini focuses primarily on the value you can offer your customers. You must try to understand the behavior of your customers and adapt your offers accordingly.

I hope this article will help you increase your sales on eBay!



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