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Last cookie wins: thanks to Channel Pilot, this is now the past

Last cookie wins: thanks to Channel Pilot, this is now the past

Nowadays, there are additional benefits of Channel Pilot Solutions online marketing tools for customers. The ChannelPilot software is able to evaluate cross-selling effects at product level and include them in the product modulation.

Snapchat: E-Commerce boost with an assist from influencers

What's new: Snapchat has become a highly effective way for brands and online shop owners to interact with existing customers and acquire new ones. Click-to-buy buttons are popping up on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram feeds; Snapchat is followin. E-commerce retailers can use the app to boost sales and brand recognition.

ChannelPilot integrates Facebook's new advertising programme

Facebook has dominated the social media industry for ten years, but as of 2015 the newly introduced dynamic product ads, push e-commerce to the next level. The product advertising programme could lead to increased revenue for online retailers thanks to its extensive user-data and targeting capabilities.

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