Data feed management by ChannelPilot

Data Feed management

List your products on various online channels worldwide.


Product data feeds play a central role in the online marketing of web shops. ChannelPilot’s feed engine offers a central hub for all your data feeds.

Connect your product feed to ChannelPilot and we will place your products on various online channels. 

Once you import your master feed to ChannelPilot, you have the option of defining your own data feeds, or using our preconfigured feeds for a variety of channels, such as: various price comparison sites, shopping portals, marketplaces, retargeting platforms or affiliate networks - with ChannelPilot you will find the right tool to manage your product feeds.


Your product Feed will be automatically configured and relayed to your chosen channels. This way, feeds always meet the required specifications of the respected channel. With ChannelPilot, your product feeds are kept optimised and up-to-date to ensure you never have to worry about any technical hurdles, such as different channel interfaces.

Customised feeds

With ChannelPilot, you can define your own product feeds and store these specifications in your account. This gives you maximum flexibility in the feed engine.

Optimised listing

ChannelPilot will help optimise your product listings, our software automates the feeds for an optimal appearance, advises when mistakes are made and offers suggestions for optimisation. This will ensure an appealing and professional appearance in the competitive online environment.

extensive analysis

ChannelPilot helps monitor and control all of your commercial and online marketing KPI’s in real time as well as enabling you to access historic data in easy to view graphics.


Detailed filters and settings help you with importing and distributing feeds. These automised functions allow you to either manually or automatically control and optimise your feed.


Our ChannelPilot experts, with years of experience in product data marketing are always contactable by e-mail or telephone and will happily log into your ChannelPilot account to help you.

Product feed management

Use filters and controls to define how you list products so they adapt to your marketing strategy. If necessary, easily black list or reintroduce products based on performance.


Define individual control modules, test these against each other to acquire accurate data in order to optimise your strategic online marketing decisions. For example, you can find out which product title generates the most clicks by testing various alternatives against each other.


Choose your budget limit for a single or a group of channels, product groups, product or an individual configuration and allow ChannelPilot to optimise them, partially or completely automatically.