Dynamic pricing with ChannelPilot


Dynamically adjust prices in order to match your goals.

Dynamic Pricing

With the ChannelPilot tool you can introduce dynamic pricing and always keep one step ahead of the competition.

Utilising price fluctuations is one of the key factors in running a successful e-commerce business nowadays. Online shops are constantly reacting to competitor price changes, price transparency for customers is growing continuously, resulting in a tougher competition and more price-sensitive consumers.

For these reasons, dynamic pricing is an important and promising tool for online retailers as it significantly increases sales and profit-margins, ensuring them to remain competitive.

With ChannelPilot, an intelligent solution has been introduced that enables online retailers to effectively adjust prices in real time and react to customer behaviour as well as the ever-changing market and business situations.


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Dynamic Pricing with ChannelPilot

The online shop operator can automatically adjust the prices in his shop, within predefined borders, to the current market prices.

Price calculation

With ChannelPilot, prices on more than 1600 price comparison sites and over 100 marketplaces around the world as well as 3rd party systems such as recommendation engines can be determined. This enables online retailers to calculate their optimal prices.

Dynamic Repricing

Data from ChannelPilot’s market price analysis serves as the foundation of dynamic repricing. On this basis, the best and most attractive sales prices can be automatically optimised and calculated without any assistance.

Fast processing Speed

Updates of imports / exports are updated every minute. In addition to this, all analyses and surveys are processed and displayed in real-time, so that online retailers are able to discover new sales potentials and set prices intelligently at all times.

Preconfigured modules

ChannelPilot offers a number of different preconfigured modules for dynamic pricing, e.g. for repricing products to beat the market, price groups or article overview history.

Import & Export

Prices can be imported or exported by using API and preconfigured shop and ERP-connections in the popular formats such as CSV, XML, YML via FTP(S) or HTTP(S).

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