Google shopping with ChannelPilot

Google Shopping

ChannelPilot will list and optimise your products on Google Shopping.

Integrating to Google is more complex compared to normal comparison sites. The interaction between product listing ads (PLAs) and listings on Google Shopping can pose a challenge to online shop operators.

ChannelPilot is optimally designed for both product listing ads (PLAs) and listings on Google Shopping. Therefore, we can provide customers with a trouble-free interaction of Google category mapping, data processing and CPC (Cost-Per-Click). Unlike Google Adwords, PLA offers are set up so their data feeds require a picture and additional product information in order to be included.

For the success of your marketing campaigns, these factors are essential and ChannelPilot offers a convenient solution for you.

With the ChannelPilot suite, online retailers can manage the click prices (CPC) of their Google PLA campaign automatically.

Control your bidding decisions through configurable algorithms based on numerous influential factors like conversion rates, net margins, ROI and more.

Positively influence your Google PLA by setting strategic objectives, for example optimised contribution margins, budget limits as well as deciding to set your CPC controls manually or automatically.

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Automatised Google Feed

Your Google Feed will be automatically configured and transferred. ChannelPilot helps you with constantly correcting and keeping your Google feed up-to-date. Save time and effort with the ChannelPilot suite by not having to connect  to each Individual channel yourself.

Optimised listing

ChannelPilot will help optimise your product listings, our software automates the feeds for an optimal appearance, advises when mistakes are made and offers suggestions for optimisation. This will ensure an appealing and professional appearance in the competitive online environment.


To successfully manage your Google PLA campaign, ChannelPilot supports you with an in-depth analysis of business and marketing KPIs - prepared in self-explanatory graphics.

Customised Workflows

Detailed filters and settings help you with importing and distributing feeds. These automatised functions allow you to either manually or automatically control and optimise your feed.

Expert Support

Our ChannelPilot experts, with years of experience in product data marketing are always contactable by e-mail or telephone and will happily log into your ChannelPilot account to help you.


Use filters and controls to define how you list products so they adapt to your marketing strategy. If necessary, easily black list or reintroduce products based on performance.


Define individual control modules, test these against each other to acquire accurate data in order to optimise your strategic online marketing decisions. For example, you can find out which product title generates the most clicks by testing various alternatives against each other.

Control your budget

Choose your budget limit for a single- or group of channels, product group, product or an individual configuration and allow ChannelPilot to optimise them, partially or completely automatically.