Product data optimisation with ChannelPilot

Product data optimisation

Analyse and optimise your product data to get maximum results.

Produktdaten Optimierung

The ChannelPilot tool helps online retailers with generating high-quality product data in order to product positioning on all marketing channels and portals. 

The complexity of product feeds has grown enormously over the course of time, intelligent feed management is at the heart of successful product data marketing, leads to long-term cost savings, more traffic and higher relevance of your products on all channels.

It is crucial that individual data feeds are always up-to-date and have a high data quality that meets the specific requirements of search engines, marketplaces or comparison sites. Incomplete data feeds not only costs you money, but also reduces the visibility of your products.

With the ChannelPilot Suite, you can prepare your product data feeds, clean them as well as presenting your products optimally and thus, exploit all the potentials of your entire product data.


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Individually adapted feeds

All product feeds in the ChannelPilot suite can be adapted to the respective specifications of the individual channels with little effort for the best possible listing. There is also the possibility to generate custom feeds.

Increase product visibility

Send high quality, relevant product data to all channels, globally, in order to increase search results and conversions. Enrich your product titles or descriptions. Define attributes such as color, material or shipping costs. Assign products to different categories.

Increase Conversions

Improve the quality of your product data to increase conversions with ChannelPilot. Create rules and adapt attributes to better target your audience, improve search results and generate more qualified traffic to your web shop.

Increase performance with Control Centre

Take it to the next level with Control Centre. Use your KPI data to garner actionable retail insights. Control Centre enables you to create rules to automatically improve your overall performance and reduce costs. Deactivate channels, categories or products that underperform and focus on the ones that perform. This feature puts you in the driver seat.

Extensive Customer Support

Our team of ecommerce consultants has extensive experience in product data marketing and management. Contact us at any time for immediate support.

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