Why ChannelPilot?

All components are seamlessly intertwining together and collectively, they form a powerful suite!

Increase Sales

Increase your revenue: ChannelPilot provides the method to list on a huge number of online marketing channels so that your products are exposed to prominent contact points.

Overview of all channels


Maximise your online presence

List your products on all suitable online marketing channels, nationally and internationally, by request.

Overview of all channels

Easy Integration

Connecting to online shops with ChannelPilot's e-commerce suite is easy and it works on all popular shop systems. Therefore, we offer you a comprehensive range of certified plug-ins to interfaces such as CSV, XML, XLS, TXT and API.

How easy it is to connect your store to Channel Pilot

Easy to use

ChannelPilot is simple to operate due to its intuitive user-interface and various automised functions.

More Control

Profit from the various analysis functions: ChannelPilot enables you to analyse and to monitor market prices, competitors, budget, availability and also margins. In essence, you can discover which offers should be added or removed immediately.

Save Money

Control your marketing costs: You can utilise various automised business analysis and Cost-per-Order (CPO) optimising functions which enables you to decide how much you would like to spend per product, product group, channel or channel groups.

Limit Your Risk

Don’t rely on just one channel. With numerous channels that are offered, you can make use of the analysis and optimising functions to steer your marketing projects towards the best direction.

Keep your finger on the pulse

Keep an eye on your centralised multi-channel online marketing campaign: Our dashboard gives you a quick insight into all businesses, key figures and transactions with its clear and easy-to-understand graphics.

360° Control

ChannelPilot offers a powerful web interface. You can also receive e-mails of automised report, notifications via SMS and alerts on your smartphone.

Your information is in safe hands

Your data will be protected on a secure and dedicated European server with multi-level security to prevent unauthorised third-party access. Local, remote and redundant systems take over in the event of any system failure.

Technology & Security

Business Intelligence

With our solution, you can assess your product catalogue, your forecasting and your sales. For instance, the analysis helps you determine the best price to sell at and which new stock you should purchase.

Top Partners

It is your decision to manage the ChannelPilot e-commerce suite on your own or to utilise one of our renowned service providers. Click here to find out about our extensive network of partners.

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