Technology & Security

Software created in Germany

If you decide to start using ChannelPilot, your business and your company information will be in our safe hands.

We are extremely aware of the high responsibility in governing the information you provide to us. Therefore, our system is equipped with the most updated security technology to protect your data.

The quality of our software, the scalability of our solution and the fail-safe data protection technology are all of the highest level.

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Quality & Technology

Our software is made and developed in-house by our team of extremely experienced programme developers.

  • ChannelPilot Core System: 100% Java
  • Our tracking system is based on a high-performing NoSQL database (mongoDB)
  • Automatic System Scalability


The ChannelPilot System has a modular and redundant structure. Therefore, in the case of system failure, only individual modules would be affected and not the stability of the entire system.

The tracking system operates automatically so that our customers can always be served even during down times such as when the software updates are made to the core system.

During the technical set-up, the service level is over 99.9%

Data protection

Our IT security concept guarantees that all sensitive data is kept secure:

  • Hosting all sensitive data in a European data centre, on secured and dedicated servers
  • Encryption of all sensitive data and all data communications
  • Multi-level security and screening of the system to help prevent any unauthorised access